Bright Future Trust supports Amigos Worldwide in 2020

In 2020, The Bright Future Trust has awarded Amigos Worldwide with a grant of £13,640 to provide one rural Ugandan community with training in conservation farming, leadership, business and conflict resolution, send 7 children from the most underprivileged families within the community to school while a caregiver undertakes the training, install a borehole and provide hygiene training.

The global pandemic has meant that operations in Uganda have had to be adapted, but they have also emphasised the need for clean water, farming training and education.

Thanks to funding from the Bright Future Trust, the water borehole has now been installed and is used by the community; and the following activities have taken place:

  • A Water Source Committee was elected by the beneficiaries. The committee consists of 8 people, including male, female, child representative, elderly, Local Council Leader.
  • The community agreed that a minimum fee of 5,000 shillings (£1) a year would be paid per household to ensure the effective care and maintenance of the borehole and are considering setting up a Village Savings Scheme, where the borehole money can be lent to community members in need, and paid back with reasonable interest.
  • The community agreed on the borehole location and to collect locally available materials (wood, stones) to aid construction. They also agreed to provide meals to workers while on site.

Appropriate members of the community and extension workers have been trained in leadership, management, operation and maintenance of the project.

As well as this, funding from the Bright Future Trust has been spent on providing each sponsored child with the scholastic materials that they need to learn from home using the government’s radio curriculum, as well as food for them and their family to help them through these challenging times. One individual helped by the funding said that ‘I’m happy as a grandmother and the whole village is happy. Our water problem has been solved, my child is able to stay in school, I’m now a member of a farming group, and all this is new life, a new beginning with better results.”

Everyone at the Bright Future Trust is proud to be supporting Amigos Worldwide, and the children and families most in need in rural Uganda through the COVID-19 pandemic.