Bright Future Trust funds vehicle to support marginalised young women in Zimbabwe

The Bright Future Trust are proud to have supported the Beatrice Project in Zimbabwe by providing their partner, the Ntombi Nto Trust, with funding to purchase a vehicle for their work supporting girls in education.

With this provision, Ntombi Nto  have been able to visit schools not only with vital sanitary supplies but also with other essential items. These have included water urns, soap for handwashing, and digital ‘point and shoot’ thermometers needed by the schools to reopen. As well as this, they have managed to take a sewing machine and haberdashery for making face masks to one school, where reusable cloth menstrual kits will be made too. They hope to be supplying another school in this way shortly.

Everyone at the Bright Future Trust is thrilled to have been able to provide funding for the vehicle, which is already making a real difference providing support to the young women’s empowerment programme which serves the most marginalised, poor, and vulnerable young women in Zimbabwe.