Tree Council thanks Bright Future Trust for its Donation

The Tree Council promotes the planting and conservation of tree throughout the UK. There has never been a more important time for its work given the now universally understood importance of trees in tackling climate change.

As a result of support from the Bright Future Trust and others, thousands of additional trees were planted for National Tree Week 2019.

The Tree Council is also bringing together a range of people and organisations to identify how three billion new trees and 200,000 km of new hedgerows can be planted in the UK by 2050.

The Tree Council wrote to the Bright Future Trust to thank BFT for its “awesome support” and for making a “big difference”. Bright Future Trust made this donation instead of sending Christmas Cards and is likely to repeat the initiative in future years.

Here’s to many more trees across the UK in 2020!!

Visit The Tree Council website here.