BFT Trustees Visit Listening Place

In 2019 The Bright Future Trust made a donation of £36,000 to help fund the appointment of an office manager to help co-ordinate the charity’s efforts with the recruitment and training of volunteers.

BFT Trustees Kevin Craig and Peter Emery went to see the work of The Listening Place for themselves. Here’s what Kevin said afterwards:

“We went to visit the Listening Place. I saw the thank you cards sent to the charity by the families of people they had helped. I felt the compassion of the volunteers and the care of the staff at Head Office. I felt their urgency at the continuing unacceptable numbers of people taking their own lives each year across the UK.

“The Listening Place is the only service of its kind: a volunteer-run professionally backed organisation providing ongoing support for people who feel life is no longer worth living.  The donation from the Bright Future Trust has helped the charity grow its number of volunteers and provide more support to those in need.

“It was wonderful for me as a Trustee of Bright Future Trust to see first-hand the difference that our financial support can make and to know that as a result of our support to The Listening Place, the total number of volunteers recruited has almost doubled and that this year they plan to run more training programmes than ever before.

“More people contemplating suicide are getting help as a result of The Bright Future support for The Listening Place and it was brilliant to see it all close up.

Kevin Craig
Bright Future Trust

To find out more about the Listening Place charity and its amazing work and impact, watch this film here.

Visit The Listening Place website here.