Future Investment

The large numbers of young people Aged 16-25 who are NEET i.e. Not in Employment, Education or Training – is one of the most serious social problems facing this country. Youth unemployment is now at a twenty year high, with almost a million young people in England are NEET, more than one in every seven 16-24 year olds. The growing number of NEETs is a source of major concern and it represents a large economic and social cost. Some young people leave NEET very quickly, others remain NEET long-term; with just over 50% of all NEETs remaining outside employment, education or training for more than 12 months.

While winding down its charitable investments elsewhere, Bright Future Trust is now assessing ways in which it can address the needs of this vulnerable and often socially excluded group of young people in our society by making strategic investments in programmes and interventions to help those with no qualifications, little or no work experience and in poor health.

Bright Future is passionate about supporting organisations that share our new vision and determination. As a grant making family trust we are now looking to support small scale projects and initiatives that have been personally vetted by our Trustees and meet our main investment criteria of helping young people to cope with these challenging circumstances in their lives in the UK. 21st Century Legacy is the most important manifestation of this with an investment of £15k to date.